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>> she was somewhat seriously injured. >> police say she flagged down a jogger for help. officers go door to door talking to neighbors. a canine sniffed at evidence and follows the scent through the neighborhood. a possible trail where the suspect traveled. i'm scott broome where candidates tried to undue the damage done by a fraudulent handout in flier that a judge is now ordered off the street. the judge martin jr. declared the fake district 26 sample ballots fraudulent and legally noncompliant campaign material. >> where was the treasurer? >> angry candidates like anthony muse, whose picture was used without permission on the fake mailer suggesting he endorsed a long list of candidates he doesn't. >> when you have to break the law to become a lawmaker, every citizen should have problems with that. >> one county council candidate endorsed in the
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fraudulent mailer is jerry mathis, who is quoted by the gazette saying, i think it's good political strategy. the state's attorney general appears to be serious about prosecuting. >> this was completely illegal and in violation of state election laws because there is a committee that is put on that ballot which doesn't exist. >> i'm bruce leshan in loudoun county. yes, virginia, there will be christmas here in leesburg. the board of supervisors voted overwelmingly to throw the doors open to everyone religious displays, not religious displays, all allowed here at the courthouse. >> merry christmas. >> for decades on the courthouse grounds, a tree, a nativity scene, and in recent years, seek prayers and a sign celebrating atheism. some worry things could get out of hand. >> say tin worship, wickens,
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anybody can apply. >> anybody can apply. >> and that's the way you have to do it according to the constitution. >> that's what they say. >> now it seems likely this weekend will bring something we haven't seen. a 9/11 anniversary bound to get most everyone ticked off. now despite outrage from just about everywhere, a florida pastor announced today he is going to go forward with plans to ban 100 copies of the koran. radical islam, this message is for you. >> burning of the quran is to call the attention that something is wrong. something is wrong. >> it is possibly time for us in a new way to actually stand up, confront terrorism, so as of right now, we are not convinced that backing down is the right thing. >> and jones says he is
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carrying a gun after receiving more than 100 death threats. the gainesville fire department turned down the pastor's application for a burn permit. he has the right to hold the protest. the mail bag has been flooded and we'll bring those to you at 7:25. there's time to chime in. the address is the imam behind the plans for a mosque at ground zero says the location remains the same. imam abdul's comments appeared in the piece in this morning's new york times and they are the most he had to say about the explosive issue. abdul also urged supporters not to back down in the face of the opposition, warning that if that were to happen, quote, essentially our future to radicals on both sides. new york's mayor still on board. >> it's not the government's business. >> i'm sympathetic and sympathetic. the families, i understand what they are going through, but this is something bigger than
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that, you know, found on giving everyone a chance to pass the religion. >> i'm outraged by his article. i think he is a wolf in sheep's clothing. > faisal told the times there will be a multiface component, saying there will be separate prayer services for men and women of other faiths. he also said the center will include a multifaith memorial dedicated to the victims of the september 11 attacks. turning now to dc politics, a new poll out now shows council chairman, vincent gray holding on to the momentum of 4 points. this newly released poll shows gray has a 7 point lead over mayor adrian fenty. 2 points higher. late every, bruce johnson sat down with mayor fenty. tonight at 11:00, he has the same thing with vince gray and he's here with more. you have to be happy about this. >> i talked to chairman gray
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at his home in southeast washington a short time ago and his adult son and daughter were there and talked about their dad outside of politics. their mother died some years ago. chairman gray led in the polls from the beginning. he talked about his 7 point lead among likely voters. the city paper today released its poll showing the chairman has an 11 point lead over fenty among registered democrats. >> polls are just a snapshot in time. we heard at one point there was a poll, which i guess this is another poll. we were leading by 3 points and then there was a poll done by the washington post saying we were leading by 17 points. the most important thing for us is we need to get everyone out. >> what do you think when you hear the mayor asked the president for an endorsement? >> well, i think i wouldn't have asked for that endorsement until i knew it was going to come. there are people who have said it sounds like a desperation move. >> might sound like a desperation move, but the fact
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is, fenty was out there for president obama early on. >> but after that, everybody got in line to endorse him. while the president might come up with some kind of piece of paper that they can pass out, don't expect barack obama to be campaigning. can you imagine what the headline could be? republicans would have a field day with that. >> plus they are both democrats and it's a democratic primary. thank you, bruce, i appreciate it. looking forward to your story tonight at 11:00. let's go to topper. >> it was like phoenix. i mean it really was. mid to upper 90s. relative humidity like 11, 12, 13 percent. really unheard of for this part of the country. here's your forecast first for tonight. we are looking to clear out and cool off nicely. cooler, turn off the ac. 52 to 62 for lows. winds northwest at 10 to 15. look at the wind gusts. still windy. it is very, very dry out there. i know the red flag warning expired, but you should not burn anything and we'll come back and talk about that. we'll also talk about the weekend forecast which includes
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the redskin game and the maryland game. let's get outside and check out the evening rush, patranya. rush week so far, huh? >> it's been a busy one on the roadways. consider yourself lucky if you are at home, because a lot of people still stuck in traffic. 295 in dc southbound, especially heavy from the 11th street bridge down to 495 right now average speed 12 miles per hour. no accidents to speak of, but very heavy. also north of town on 495 as we switch to a live picture. you can see all the emergency crew on the side of the road. off to the shoulder. the delays begin at connecticut, back to you. >> you might want to watch your back while you're out there on the road. police are making it easier for other drivers to turn you in for violations. but first, how the government is causing local labs to suffer millions of dollars worth of life saving childhood cancer research in jeopardy. stay with us.
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that wild fire out in colorado now burning on more than 6,000 acres. no official word yet on a cause if that fire burned at least 54 homes and dozens or more structures. about 3,000 people remain under evacuation orders tonight. >> howard county police charged a man with killing his ex-wife and setting her apartment on fire. this is sky 9 above the scene.
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police charge damon white with murder and arson. they say he stabbed his exand then set the apartment on fire trying to cover up the crime. white was apparently injured in the incident. right now he is under guard at a hospital. he is in critical, but stable condition. >> and there is more tonight on the ban on federal funds for embryonic stem cell research. as anita is here to tell us, that could haul a research to the university of maryland and john hopkins have been using to fight childhood leukemia. anita. >> that's right, derek. scientists are in shock. as the national institutes of health put 62 pending stem cell projects on hold and more than 200 other studies happening now could be in future jeopardy. the reason a federal court in dc ruled a 1996 budget law, congress' intent was crystal clear. federal money cannot be spent on research. now, as you mentioned, derek, this could wipe out the
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childhood research leukemia. this is a court decision. some are applauding it, saying it could delay cures and cost lives. so obviously a lot of strong feelings on both sides. this doesn't apply to privately funded research or studies that use stem cells that don't come from human embryos. thank you, anita. after the break. topper is back with your forecast for this thursday commute. so stay with us. [ male announcer ] it's sunday afternoon.
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virginia governor is privatizing the liquor industry today. they can raise $500 million by selling the 332 stores virginia owns and then the state can pull in $230 million a year by auctioning off a thousand liquor licenses. the bulk of which will go to grocery and discount stores. small stores and pharmacies will get the most. he wants the money to go to
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highway projects. >> i have always been sort of in favor of privatizing wherever it can be done, but it has to be able to save money and then turn those funds back into the community and i'm not sure i see how that is going to happen yet. but if that is what will happen, i think it's a good idea. >> a lot of democrats are skeptical and there's great concern that it will increase alcoholism and drunken driverring. the governor dropped the idea on a new tax on restaurants and bars. have you ever been so angry on a driver that you wish there was a cop around? police are hoping you will stay mad long enough to let them know about those folks. as lindsay explains, not everybody thinks that neighbors turning in neighbors is such a good idea. >> that's disturbing. >> honestly, i think that's a good idea. >> don't like the way someone is driving?
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in gaithersburg, you can tell on them by filling out a form on the police department's website. >> fill out the make of the vehicle. >> there's a list of 20 violations, excessive speed, negligent driving, improper turns and unsafe backing. >> it is a warning. >> there's no ticket and no points. but some people say it goes too far. >> i really hate the idea of training people to turn each other in. >> all it takes is somebody to get upset at somebody and they can turn in random people for no reason. >> the program has been in place for one week. captain christopher says they have only had four complaints. this woman says she can't wait to use it on police. >> you would report police? >> i would. >> really? >> yes, i would. >> that already happened. >> we get complaints on our cruisers. >> he says since the county owns the car, the officer's commander is notified. they will see who was driving and whether the officer was out
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of line. for most people, it's supposed to be a wakeup call. >> only thing i can honestly say is there will be more of me is excessive speed. i will be honest with you. >> i'm lindsay, 9fuse now. >> they do not take unanimous complaints and don't release information about who did the telling. that is so there's no retaliation. you know, i felt some sort of deja vu today. it was hot again. >> it was, but it was 96 but the relative humidity was 13%. you couldn't break a sweat. i don't care what you were doing out there. >> i broke a sweat, it was hot. >> i tell you what, now the cool air rushes in. we had one hot day and now the cool air rolls in tonight. the next three days, cooler tomorrow. only about 79 to 80. we will lose about 16 degrees and upper 70s on friday.
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a fantastic finish and low 80s on saturday. saturday will be nice, yes, some clouds will come in late saturday. saturday night, don't change your plans. again, temperatures in the low 80s, which is average for this time of year. all right, break down tomorrow. low 60s to start. if you are in the suburbs, you will be in the 60s to start. and almost 80 by evening. pretty much sunshine, you'll end up carrying the sweater home. small price. look at the winds. still gusting to 21 miles per hour and at one time, they gusted to 36 miles per hour. fire danger is still high. now there's nothing issued for it at this moment in time, we'll see a red flag warning issued again tomorrow. please be careful. 13% relative humidity. derek, you can't break a sweat when it's 13%. by the time you sweat, it evaporates. 18% in manassas. now for tonight, clear skies, cooler air rushes in. turn off the ac.
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lows 52 to 62 and winds more manageable. northwest at 10 to 15. even inside the beltway in downtown, we are talking low 60s and of course, outside the beltway, we are 50s. 53 in gaithersburg. 56 in college park. out to the west, mid 50s in reston and sterling and low 50s in leesburg. 53 tonight. now tomorrow morning, a cool start, mostly sunny, beautiful, 50s and 60s. winds northwest. by afternoon, mostly sunny, breezy and spectacular. highs near 80, which is a little below average and winds northwesterly at 10 to 15. maybe not quite as cool, but pretty darn cool. next seven days, near 80 tomorrow, breezy and beautiful. nice on friday, fantastic. upper 70s. low 80s on saturday. good for the game. the terps are hope hosting morgan state. some clouds come in late. a little different story on sunday. showers and thunderstorms on and off all day and some could bleed into the game sunday
7:20 pm
evening. it's not going to be cool. temperatures around 80 for a high. low 80s on monday. it might generate a shower. we need some rain and then behind that cold front, look at this. temperatures only in the mid 70s for highs next wednesday. >> so one day of rain and the rest is sunshine. >> thank you, sir. well let's get a quick check on the news where you live. the annual dc greek fest is coming to columbia heights, that's september 17. it's a three-day event, starts at noon every day and you can learn more on our website. it's at the center of our home page. now to the weird news file. top now, when you and i think about customizing a car, we may think rims, tires, maybe spoilingers, i'm sure eyelashes are not on that list, but maybe they aught to be. robert small and his wife have come up with car lashes. you heard me right, they are eyelashes for your car.
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they fit right above the headlights. now these are not for the fast and furious crowd. they are girlly. but they say they spread the joy and almost look like something out of the movie, cars. and what is more, the first 2,000 are just about gone. they have another 10,000 on order and they are $25 a pair. that is nothing to blink at. >> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mailbag. the address, 9news now will be right back. - ( music playing ) - now's the time to invest.
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when andrea, howard, and angie will have the late toast get you on your way to work. in the mail bag tonight, we are wanting your opinions on what you think about burning the koran. our friend speaks for many of you who says no it isn't. it would just add more fuel to the fire. we must remember that some radical fashions are dangerous and get angry and react. that being said, i do believe most americans are pretty forgiving when he see the flags and or pictures of presidents being burned by radicals of any faiths. i wish they would love their enemies. but will from springfield says there are times when free speech needs to be heard. our founding fathers could never have imagined a religion/government that had contempt for religious beliefs. outrage at the islamic insensitivity that opened the doors of freedom to them is our
7:26 pm
right of expression, not religious intolerance. i think some of the founding fathers did imagine it, will, hence our bill of rights, but we did get this from sharon in frederick, maryland, who says there is a win/win solution. while this so-called minister of 50 may have constitutional right to do this, if the news stations local and nationwide do not broadcast this, it will be his attempt to provoke. the media should take the higher step and ignore this fool. you know, took the words right out of my mouth. this pastor speaks for almost no one. the question isn't why is he willing to burn the koran, it's why are we giving him so much attention for merely threatening to do so? i think we should just say no. hopefully you will say yes to sending us more e-mail. the address is don't forget to include your name and where you're writing us from. that is your report.
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i'll be back at 11:00 along with anita brikman. log on any time to i'll see you later. have a great everyoning. bye.
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now, "entertainment tonight." the most watched intertapement news magazine in the world. "dancing with the stars's"
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cheryl burke, abused. >> i have gone through domestic violence. >> "dancing with the stars'" troubled past. the victim of abuse. what she's only telling us. >> you kind of feel ashame that you're actually going through it. then, secrets from oprah's final season. >> the hardest part for me is going to be saying good-bye to the viewers. >> her interview and a big surprise. >> i don't handle surprises very well. in tonight's celebrity gps, george clooney's important message from l.a. tom and katie's date night in new york. and jon hamm looking dashing in london. plus -- >> action. >> the madmen on the set of his new movie with ben affleck. the new stars coming to "glee." >> we despise each other

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